Association for Law and Advocacy for Pastoralists


(a)    To provide legal assistance to indigent/poor pastoralists  and hunter gatherers as well as their organizations and traditional institutions.

(b)   To influence national, regional and international development processes in the areas of human rights and the environment on matters affecting pastoralists’ livelihood systems such as climate change, foreign direct investments (FDI) and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD+).

(c)    To use law as a tool for regulating important aspects of economic development processes affecting pastoralists such as conservation and investment through public interest litigation  as well as through lobbying for the repeal and amendment of unfriendly laws (both principal and subsidiary) by the parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania and other subsidiary bodies such as local authorities.

(d)   To advocate for the protection and promotion of rights which drive and mold socioeconomic development such as land rights, political rights, gender rights, children rights and other rights which enable the individual and the pastoralist community as a whole to effectively be part of, participate in, and benefit from the development process and projects.

(e) To create a forum in which critical legal aspects of the development processes affecting pastoralists can be debated by pastoralists, scholars, practitioners, and all those concerned with policy-making across the country, thus contributing to the development of shared knowledge and economic development in conformity to  observance of human rights, implementation of democracy, and adherence to good governance practices